The Eyes Have It

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, or they are an ocean in which your dreams are reflected, or they mark the antiquity of your being. Either way, you might want to invest in a heck of a pair of drapes.

Fake eyelashes are the unseen component of fashion profiles and beauty advertisements. Now that you have to declare whether you’re using lash inserts in beauty campaigns, instead of hiding fake eyelashes why not flaunt them?

If that’s bringing to mind carnival-style fluorescent falsies, think striking and delicate instead. Marrying contemporary design with culture and inspired by the traditional Chinese art of paper-cutting, designer Ting Yu Wang of Paperself has created these incredibly intricate false eyelashes cut from paper. They come in traditional Chinese lucky patterns like horses, peonies and peach blossoms. You can use half-lashes for for a subtle accent to your look, but since these false eyelashes move beyond traditional beauty and into mini-works of art a full set would only be doing them justice.