Landscape Lovers

Rodarte’s Fall 2009 collection was inspired by a broken piece of machinery and Frankenstein. It was only after the collection was completed that the Mulleavy sisters saw the connection with Joshua Tree National Park. Broken, mangled trees reaching over arid desert and rock walls twisted with unexpected mineral blue and green hues were represented in the sisters’ main conceit of marbling. And to think, we have Boris Karloff to thank for it. Bring the love of these inhospitable landscapes up to date and into your closets with these accessories.

‘The Unshores’ collection by Imogen Belfield marries semi-precious stone, precious metal and porcelain in a range evocative of rocky coastal landscapes. Her 22ct gold-plated bronze ‘Lava Ring’ (right) is studded with sapphires, citrine and porcelain fragments. The bubbling of the metal with its unique boreholes and pockmarks are certainly one unique way to remember that holiday to Hawaii.

Little Doe found fame for its fantastically bohemian feather headdresses, which adorned the head of Erin Wasson and took pride of place in several editorials. But their new range of jewellery subverts the Hollywood trend for polished semi-precious birth-stone droplets on gleaming gold or silver chain and banishes all those early 90s memories of good luck amethyst pendants. Warped, imperfect, chipped and unpolished semi-precious stones, geodes and crystals hang from burnished chain, their imperfection paradoxically perfect.

Bring the desert to your door with this Great Lakes Prism Paperweights by The Wild Unknown. Filled with sand, stones, feathers and driftwood from the Great Lakes, each paperweight is totally unique. Sit at your desk, lift it to your eye and daydream desert dreams.