Brr! If only I had some Rodarte and a kitty-cat to curl up with! And look like Sasha Pivovarova! Well, if wishes were fishes… I would have fish, Rodarte, a kitty-cat and look like Sasha Pivovarova.

News that got me out of bed! Kate and Laura Mulleavy are transforming the 2nd floor of colette from October 5th to November 7th into a Rodarte shop and gallery. Rodarte x colette! Aaaah! As opposed to a straight forward collaboration, it’s more of a journey into their inspirations, into the disparate interests that makes them Rodarte. I couldn’t think of another label I would want this to happen to.

And as if the Mulleavy sisters are actually trying to HURT me… Rodarte x Repetto.

(Clockwise from top right: Rodarte x Miranda July Pillowcase, Rodarte x Repetto Ballet Shoes, Rodarte x KPM “Flowers” Cup + Saucer + Gun Set, Rodarte Tee Shirt, Rodarte x Miranda July Pillowcase, Rodarte x Alexandra Grant Love Necklace, Rodarte Cardigan, Rodarte x Opening Ceremony Lunchbox, Rodarte Charms Necklace, Rodarte Skirt)

If I had €6800, you can bet your ass I’d be drinking tea out of the KPM floral set with my cute little floral gun by my side.