I was waiting to put all of my Hong Kong shopping recs in one big monster post, but I passed by Rise Commercial Center this afternoon and was so full of Hong Kong shopping love I had to burst it all out onto one post. Okay, that sounds kind of disgusting.

Rise Commercial Building is worthy of a whole other post on its own, but in a nutshell: crazy micro-mall located off crazy shopping street of Granville Road. Each floor is crammed with dozens of tiny shops and the higher floors are filled with designer resale shops, vintage stores and all other kinds of goodies you might need a local for.

Whenever I walk in there, Dreamscape is my first stop. I’m drawn to it like a sailor to a siren. It’s a store that evokes vintage sensibilities in a way that is rarely seen in Hong Kong. Vintage bags are sold along pretty dresses, skirts and blouses made to vintage-inspired fabrics and patterns.

My favourite part about Dreamscape are the accessories: I picked up a reworked version of a floral tapestry bag and their collection of rings made from vintage buttions. But the necklaces! They stock gold necklaces sourced from Hong Kong and Japan and they lift the vintage funk right out of the store. I bought a miniature gold dictionary strung on a chain with its own little magnifying glass. They’ve got cut-out dolls reimagined as brass pendants and huge gold bicycles looping across chain. I’m perving at a choker made with a cut-out of birds on a wire across the collarbone and wondering whether it would be too geeky to pick up their layered chains hung with pendants of The Beatles.

It’s one of the best stores in Rise… and it has a sale store on one of the upper floors! It’s like they’re not even trying to make money off of you!


Shop 125, Rise Commercial Building

5-11 Granville Circuit

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

(Take the MTR to TST; take exit B2 onto Cameron Road and follow it to the left to Granville Road. Granville Circuit is halfway down towards Chatham Road)