Madrid: Hakei

Jetsetting takes its toll, particularly on posting. In the span of four months: London! Spain! Portugal! Hong Kong! Los Angeles! Las Vegas! Hong Kong! But there is the added benefit of total consumer whore-dom. I fear these next few posts will amount to nothing more than cackling over my spoils.

Madrid! Madrilenos have the enviable ability to look effortlessly put together, and I could never pinpoint where all their stuff was from. This made for a very frustrating, envy-filled shopping day… until I stumbled onto Hakei.

Hakei remains an enigma because much of the information I can find on it is in Spanish. The clothes reminded me of Muji: jersey and cotton in black, grey, white and tan, loose-fitting but chic and very versatile. I picked up an amazing super-long black jersey scarf – it has become a DSD staple, and is especially useful on airplanes.

But the shoes, the shoes! Walls of shoes in beautiful soft leather, in butter and rich browns and black and soft grey. There were great basic flats, but lots of gladiators and Margiela-inspired sandals. Don’t even get me started on the winter boots. I picked up a pair of butter-soft cream jazz shoes and black Prada-inspired heels.

Put it this way: I’m planning my next trip to Spain around Hakei locations. And if you don’t believe, check out this completely Japanese link that still manages to exude excitement about Hakei. Hakei!!!

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