Tim Ho Wan, Part One

So you’re thinking, “OH GOD NOT ANOTHER TIM HO WAN POST.” And I can’t blame you, especially since this has no pictures. But that’s because I was too involved in my meal to… Continue reading

The Eyes Have It

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, or they are an ocean in which your dreams are reflected, or they mark the antiquity of your being. Either way, you might want to… Continue reading

Landscape Lovers

Rodarte’s Fall 2009 collection was inspired by a broken piece of machinery and Frankenstein. It was only after the collection was completed that the Mulleavy sisters saw the connection with Joshua Tree National… Continue reading

Cold Shoulder

(Clockwise from top left: Trivium Bracelet and Templar Harness, Bliss Lau; necklace by┬áChanel Haute Joaillerie; Sleeves Body Chain, Bliss Lau; Hand Armor, The Chains of Love; Military Shoulder Chain, The Chains of Love;… Continue reading

Made in Hong Kong

Tseng Kwong Chi, East Meets West That once ubiquitous phrase, most commonly seen branded into the small of Barbie’s back or stamped onto the hooves of My Little Ponies, is making a come-back.… Continue reading


Brr! If only I had some Rodarte and a kitty-cat to curl up with! And look like Sasha Pivovarova! Well, if wishes were fishes… I would have fish, Rodarte, a kitty-cat and look… Continue reading

World Refugee Day

We’d like to take a break from our regularly scheduled and admittedly superficial programming to jump on the soapbox for a minute. I’d like to thank the powers that be for Angelina Jolie,… Continue reading

Christmas gifts

  A fabulous aunt in Paris sent these all the way to Hong Kong! I will confess to being a total macaron freak and hiding these away from my family for a little… Continue reading


The mothership wanted to take us to Kusuya Rakuen, an Okinawan restaurant one of her girlfriends found. Unfortunately, they have some kind of smoking license that means they can’t accept anyone under 18.… Continue reading

the mint

I always like to joke that Hong Kong fashion never met a piece of draped black jersey it didn’t like, which is why I adore the mint. Yet another fantastic store in Rise… Continue reading